Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question not covered in the FAQ, please email us.

There were 2 main reasons

  1. The original eLearning website, used a package which is no longer supported
  2. The original eLearning website, did not support current version of the server side scripting language (php)

We did bring the data across from the old web site, however to logon you must use your email address and password (we no longer use the User Name). Please note that there are a few cases where the same email address had been used for multiple users and in those cases we prefixed the surname or first name to the email address as follows:

An example of a prefixed email address would be as follows would become

Note, once you have logged on you may change your email address, but it must be unique.

If the company you work for is a member of KZNMBA or SAIOSH, then you automatically qualify for free enrollment to the Safe Build Modules. The enrollment is activated by using the activation code (supplied by KZNMBA or SAIOSH).  Please submit the Activation Code on the Enrollment web page.

If you are not working for a company which is a member of KZNMBA or SAIOSH, then you will need to make an EFT payment and email confirmation of the payment to the course administrator. The email address of the course administrator and the cost is available via this website (FNB, Current Account:62308815284 Branch:221426). We will then email you the Authorisation Code which you can use to activate your enrollment.

Then you should logon using that email address. If you have forgotten your password, then you can reset the password for that email address. An email will be sent to you in order to complete the reset process.
These details are printed on the certificates we issue.
This helps if we need to contact you. In some cases we have for example self employed persons and in such cases, please mark the company as "Not Applicable"
This is for security reasons, we do not want multiple people using the same account and just changing ID numbers and their names to get a certificate with their particulars.

The Enrollment page shows your currently enrolled Modules.

Please note, you must first be Logged on

This occurs if you have been inactive on the website for longer then the default PHP session variable time out period. You will need to login and continue.
Obviously, you must first pass the exam. Normally you should receive your certificate, via email within a week. If after a week you have not received your certificate, please contact us and we will look into the issue.

An email is sent to you when you register or reset your password.  Please follow these instructions if you did not receive an email.

  • Please wait up to an hour to receive the email
  • Check if the email went into a SPAM bucket

  If you have still not received the email, please email us with the details.

Well, that would be correct, as the website was not designed to run off a phone, please use a computer.